The new standard in sausage production

Rudin®VegaCasing is a healthy, food-safe casing, allowing a clean and simple continuous sausage production process. The efficiency of using the Rudin®VegaCasing will give you the advantage of consistent finished product with a significant economic advantage of traditional casing technologies. 

Safe and healthy

Rudin®VegaCasing is a 100% vegetable paste based on alginate technology. Made of seaweed extract, fibers and stabilizers, Rudin®VegaCasing improves food safety by avoiding risks of animal diseases like BSE. The vegetable ingredients also make it eminently suited for the production of vegetarian, halal or kosher sausages.

Using alginate technology has great advantages. The ingredients have a sustained availability and a stable price level. The shelf life of Rudin®VegaCasing is at least 9 months under recommended storage conditions. 

Increase productivity by continuous production

By using a special co-extrusion technology, Rudin®VegaCasing makes it possible to stuff sausages continuously on a fully automated line. Reduced labor not only improves food safety, but also ensures consistent sausages in term of appearance and weight as well as an increase in productivity. Various levels of automation are available, so volumes can be increased significantly. 

Total versatility

The possibilities of applying Rudin®VegaCasing are surprising. It is being successfully applied to meat, fish, poultry, vegetarian and cheese products, processed into fresh, cooked, dried or smoked sausages. The co-extrusion process offers a wide range of calibers. For small calibers the costs of VegaCasing are particularly advantageous against other casings. All sausages can be produced on the same machine with the same casing. Can you see your stock reducing?

Rudin®VegaCasing guarantees a sausage production that is consistent in terms of appearance and weight. The attractive shiny, transparent skin contains no fat or calories. It has a pleasant mouth feel and a natural bite. In short: a sausage that is easy to sell. 

Ruitenberg: know-how in ingredients and processing

The implementation of Rudin®VegaCasing is done with the help of the technologists of Ruitenberg Ingredients. In partnership with our clients we guarantee a solution that works, in order to assure a long term relationship. The success of this formula is what makes Ruitenberg an established name in the meat industry, worldwide.

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